9 Coloring Pages created for NOFA-NH / Northeast Organic Farming Association 

Screen Shot 2023-03-15 NOFA-NH Coloring Pages


These coloring pages were designed for students and the children of customers supporting local organic growers at Farmers Markets, Farm Stands, and CSAs.  The “Why Buy Organically Grown Local Products?” page offers  a cheerful visual complement to discussions about this kind of farming for young children.  Food systems based upon small scale, relocalized and diversified organic gardening, farming, and eating offer truly sustainable, healthy pathways for meeting human needs.  They represent the agroecological  and historical alternatives to industrialized, agrochemical farming.  They offer pathways to restoring cultural and political sovereignty, dignified creative work,  biodiversity, and the vitality of the Earth’s soils, waters, and atmosphere / climate.

My thanks to NOFA-NH for encouraging me to create these pages for their newsletter in the early 2010’s – and for continuing to make them available on their website.  Here’s the link to the 9 downloadable pdf’s, most of which are also available on this evolving beauty.org  website,  although not in such a handily organized fashion!


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