A Draft of the Activities Collection Circling the Sun, Racing the Wind

Below you’ll find an extensive collection of outdoor games (many based on traditional formats) that are active, sociable, and hopefully, fun.  They’ve been designed to help increase youngsters’ understanding and appreciation of the Northeastern Forest bioregion: its creatures and vital processes.  Also included are  correlations with the Next Generation Science Standards, a variety of supporting visuals, some simple creative dramatics for very young students, and many suggestions for ways that these activities and projects can be expanded.  Additionally, there are sections highlighting the pedagogical and philosophical rationale for this kind of learning.  

The title for this manuscript draft is  Circling the Sun, Racing the Wind.  It was recently transformed into its current book  and online pdf format by the remarkably gifted Lisa Greenleaf of Greenleaf Design Studio, and is scheduled for publication by Green Writers Press in Fall 2023.  https://greenwriterspress.com/book/circling-the-sun-racing-the-wind/

To view the draft, just click below:




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