Why Buy Organically-Grown, Local Products?

Here’s a coloring page for young people that sets forth some of the principle reasons why we should all be buying organic, locally-grown food as much as possible.  To summarize the message: small-scale, local, organic methods of farming produce the healthiest food for both people and planet.

This little page also suggests visually that this kind of interaction with the world’s diverse ecosystems can generate rewarding, creative, and honorable ways of life – and vibrant communities – for those who are growing and eating the food.

It tries to bring children’s attention (in a positive way) to the multitude of non-domesticated beings whose very existence is threatened by industrialized technologies.  Indeed, such varied and beautiful creatures can thrive in (or near) settings where people are employing organic methods such as traditional gardening and farming, permaculture, and agroforestry.


Why Buy Organically Grown NOFA-NH