Special Projects

Here you’ll find texts and activities about:

NE Woodlands Native American Cultural Studies – an extensive collection of  activity pages for young people.  There’s also written content focused specifically on the Indigenous People of the Lower Merrimack River Valley at the time of European Contact  (in present-day southern New Hampshire, northeastern Massachusetts, and the southeast tip of Maine).

Small-Scale, Localized, Organic Growing and Eating

A school gardening case study as it relates to some of the goals of  Laudato Si’ and an example of a school pageant (including photos and script) focused on Deep History / Evolution and St. Francis’ original poem “Laudato Si'” /  the “Canticle of the Creatures.”

An especially useful article, first published in Green Teacher magazine,  about teaching systems theory and multi-level evolution  to sixth graders with the help of a simple visual diagram (with text) that children can complete, embellish, and share.

A draft and supplementary materials related to the soon-to-be published activity collection Circling the Sun, Racing the Wind.   Many of these reimagine and restructure traditional outdoor games into  paths for promoting children’s understanding of the NE temperate forestlands  and its wonderful creatures and phenomena.

Supporting slides for a visual arts workshop for fellow NH arts educators on the topic of Pattern Design, presented in 2018.

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