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Here’s an activity that works very well for integrating many important concepts from empirical science with artistic expression, fine motor skills, and even the spiritual (or non-spiritual) dimensions of various cultural traditions and world views.  We are pleased to note that a full description of this activity, including its broader rationale and teaching suggestions, was just published in the Winter 2018 Issue of the Canadian on-line environmental magazine Green Teacher.  Since this Systems Activity is one of two ‘free articles’ in this 115th volume of the online magazine, you’ll be able to read, if you like,  the entire text that explains the diagram by following the link at the end of this preface.

At this point, I would like to mention that Green Teacher is a progressive, international environmental publication that has gathered an amazing storehouse of ideas and inspiration for anyone interested in serious communication and action on behalf of this beautiful planet – our common home.  For over two decades, the magazine has been a hub for the sharing of strategies and programs developed by both academics and practitioners.  Hundreds of projects and activities have been assembled – all linked by one common thread:  their prosocial, proplanetary perspective.  They are designed to help young people attain a better understanding of the science that describes the earth’s physical functions, and beyond that, an appreciation of the importance of each person’s contribution to the evolution of more just and sustainable ways of life within Earth’s ancient and delicately balanced systems.  Recently, the ‘magazine’ has branched out into webinars, all of which, plus the archived, digitalized content of earlier years, are completely available to subscribers.  I highly recommend Green Teacher!

Here’s the link to the Systems Activity in its’ ‘free article’ format at the Green Teacher website:

The following are supplementary materials intended to enhance the published work.  They include a horizontally formatted version of the System’s Diagram that my 2017-2018 class of six graders prefer.  A pdf of this illustration is next.  Finally, there are several samples of the youngsters’ varied, and beautiful finished creations.

Nested Systems Diagram Horizontal Format EB 2018

This is the PDF of this image: Edith Pucci Couchman Nested System Diagram

Student Samples:

Systems Image K. IMG_4357

systems image J. IMG_4348

systems image N

C. systems image IMG_8882.jpg