Natural Start Alliance Conference: Traditional Games Workshop – Song Lyrics and Melodies: “There’s a Mosquito in these Woods” and “When the Beavers Build a Dam”

Here are the basic lyrics to two of the circle games that you tried during the workshop. As you recall the Black Fly game involves a raising challenge, and choosing as well as a singing, moving circle. It can be adapted in many ways so the characters trying to outrun one another might be a dragonfly and a mosquito, a bat and firefly, an owl and a mouse, etc., etc.

“Mosquito in the Woods”

The Beaver Game offers a moving circle, singing, some choosing, and a chance for youngsters to imitate favorite creatures while their audience asks a few questions to try to guess their identity. The lyrics can be repeated or shortened – according to the interests of the players.

“When the Beavers Build their Dam”
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