Circling the Sun, Racing the Wind – Little Songs and Chants

Here, on this page you’ll find suggested melodies and lyrics for most of the circle and singing games described in this book.  (I didn’t include those that are based on readily accessible melodies such as  Farmer in the Dell (Hawk in the Nest) and London Bridge (Old White Pine is Falling Down).

These tunes are merely jumping-off points.  I invite you to improve, embellish or transform them and to develop others that are especially appropriate for your unique ecological setting – including your cultural heritage.  What are some of the varied species, interrelationships, abiotic features, and history (human and otherWise) that could be woven into songs for children who are learning about your precious ‘place’ and ‘home?”

Circle of the Seasons Chants, 16 – 17

Seed Song, p. 28

An Insect’s Life Cycle Activity, p. 56

Buzzing Bumblebee Circle Game, p. 58

Mosquito in the Woods Circle Game (Could also be Black Fly…), p. 88 and  “There’s  a Mouse Gnawing in these Woods, p. 130.  These circle songs involve the title character contending with a Phoebe, Dragonfly, Bat, or Owl or other suitable adversary.

Blue Jay through the Forest, p. 106

Berry in the Beak, p. 111

When the Beavers Build their Dam, p. 120

Life Circles (Life Cycles) Game, p. 144