Natural Start Alliance Conference Traditional Games Workshop Materials – “Seasons’ Circle Songs” Melodies and Lyrics Draft

Here are the lyrics and a melody for the ‘Seasons’ Circle’ activity for young children. I’ve found that it works well as a pleasant, lively, and sociable introduction to a seasonally-based nature program. The singing, moving, circle formation helps establish positive connections and expectations. Please encourage the youngsters to both sing and impersonate the creatures being described during these brief songs.

This game and its visual complement, a Seasons Clock, are described in detail in the Draft PDF featured on the page in this website titled ‘Natural Start Alliance Conference:- An Introduction and the Activities Collection Draft,’ and on the page titled ‘Seasons’ Clock.’

Here are the melodies and the lyrics for the entire year – with sound effects!

“Seasons’ Circle Songs” – Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring

The Seasons’ Clock take-home visual aid which I usually pair with this activity is especially well suited for five- and six-year-olds, although the Seasons Circle Songs can be fun for three-year-olds. Check the Season’s Clock page on this website to see photographs of completed clocks, instructions about assembling them, and suggestions for how they might be used. You’ll know best as to whether they would be worthwhile for your youngsters. With a parent or caregiver and child program or a class-room setting featuring older buddies, they usually work beautifully!